Angela Ignasky, Marketing Director: American Eagle (Internship, Pittsburgh)

Angela (left) and Cassie, the AE Social Media Coordinator, at a yoga event.

Angela (left) and Cassie, the AE Social Media Coordinator, at a yoga event.

If you would have asked me four years ago where I would intern during college, I would have rattled off a list of the biggest magazines and newspapers in the country. I wanted to be the next great journalist — or so I thought.

I started working with Backdrop during my freshman year, joining with the intention to write for the magazine. I participated in the “Writer’s Workshop” to gain some more insight into Backdrop’s voice and signed up for the marketing team at the executive board’s suggestion. They thought it would be a way for new members to meet existing Backdroppers. I barely knew anything about marketing or what a marketing team did.

Soon, I realized while I love to write, I didn’t want to be a journalist in the strict sense of the word. Because of Backdrop, I discovered a passion for marketing. It was a way to be around both the business and creative aspects of the organization. I became the Marketing Director at the beginning of my junior year, and I was one of the only underclassmen left on the team. I had to dive in and lead, which forced me to quickly learn how to plan events, talk to local businesses, and dabble in social media marketing. I became more confident in my professional worth because of Backdrop, which led me to apply to a corporate internship.

If you had asked me four years ago where I would intern during college, I would never have guessed I’d be at American Eagle Outfitters in a social media internship. Everyone who’s asked what I’m doing for the summer follows up with “What does a social media intern do?” – understandably so.

On a day to day basis, I respond to AE customers on Twitter and Facebook, link blog and platform posts, and research new social ideas for AE. Other things I’ve done include fielding contests on social platforms, creating Pinterest boards, and drafting questions for AE blog interview posts.  My big project for the summer was to create posts about all of the interns, which was really fun!

AE’s intern program is, in my opinion, awesome. We take a few high-level classes each week and have roundtables with executives. The coordinators plan outings for all sixty of us, and the experience has helped me grow personally and professionally. I never want to leave! The next few weeks will be bittersweet as the job comes to an end.

Of course, I can’t write about my AE experience and not mention my amazing mentor, Ellen, who is also a Bobcat! (She would probably insert a “Woohoo!” here.) Ellen and the rest of the social marketing team have helped make my internship at American Eagle Outfitters something I will never forget.

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For more info about interning at AE, visit

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Click the Backdrop logo to go to!


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